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  • Covert IR communications system for the US Army

  • Extreme high intensity LED arrays for the US Army

  • Long range imaging system for the US Army

  • Predictive datalogging of automotive seatbelt usage for both Canadian

  •  and US highway safety departments

  • Crash analysis of new energy absorbing materials

  • Robot control design for pick & place manufacturing

  • Electronic indoor/outdoor display with multi-window capability

  • Vision based anti-collision system for Ford with infrared communications

  • Vision based windshield rain sensor for Valeo

  • Integrated LED traffic light controller with power factor correction

  • Integrated, tracking/security system for the State of Michigan, Department of Corrections

  • Automobile memory seat for Lear Seating

  • Computer driven, clutch testing machine for Rockwell Clutch

  • "KEYFREE" r.f. high security access control system

  • Electronic, digital fuel gauge for automotive applications

  • "Smart Highway" laser range finder calibration system

  • Multi-player video game synchronization

  • Multi-player video game “voice over data”

  • Museum security & environmental monitoring system

  • Western Electric pay phone controller

  • "Voice Vendor" point-of-purchase advertising unit

  • "Guest Console" hotel room control device

  • Metalized mylar mirrors for the consumer industry

  • Researched the noise characteristics of biomedical signals

  • Evaluated and tested mathematical model of the heat transfer properties of steel slabs for

  • the purpose of implementing computer control of induction reheat furnaces

  • Non-parametric impact analysis software applied to real world trading situations.

  •  (commodities and stocks)

  • "DataPass", an interactive software package to simulate and analyze real time complex signals