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Product design from concept, research & development, engineering, prototyping to manufacturing and marketing. Design areas include: industrial, commercial, consumer, military & aerospace, biomedical and robotics jobs from circuit board design, software/hardware controls, signal processing to packaging. The Tenik Group is based in the Detroit, Michigan area.

Expertise in multiple computer languages used in control, scientific and database applications. High Level languages include: Visual Basic, Visual C, Fortran, Cobol, Basic, C, Pascal, etc.. Assembly languages include: Microchip, Motorola, Intel, Zilog, etc. families of microprocessors.

The Tenik Group can help companies optimize their product management costs:

1) Minimize wasted initial spending by determining project specifications from both the technical and the financial aspects including manufacturing.

2) Assist in locating available R&D funding. The Tenik Group has helped raise almost $2,000,000 in R&D funding through its government contacts.

3) At an early stage of product development, before significant dollars are spent, we will identify and collaborate with intellectual property consul. The Tenik Group has worked with several leading intellectual property firms.

4) Help promote product distribution online with website design and development.  We have experience in search engine optimization critical to product visibility on the Internet.

Whether your company requires basic engineering support or our full range of services, The Tenik Group will engage your project in a timely and cost efficient manner.